Barubola Japanese Escort Girls Club


Time Price
50min(All time) 25,000 yen
90min (6:00 ~ 9:59) 35,000 yen
90min (10:00 ~ last) 40,000 yen
120min (All time) 55,000 yen
Extension (15min each) 15,000 yen
Nominate (one girl) 2,000 yen


The following nuisance acts and acts contrary to the law is prohibited.

  • Insulting / Violence against women.
  • Any sort of act that is disliked by women.
  • Any kind of act of stalking women.
  • Any members of a gang member or similar people are not allowed.
  • Usage by anyone in the same industry.
  • Headhunting or any act that is similar.
  • People who are drunk or is mentally unstable.
  • Any suspicion of possession or usage of drugs.
  • Anyone with or suspicion of sexually transmitted disease.
  • Lack of cleanliness.
  • Any other acts that the store may consider prohibited.
  • Acts that do not follow our instructions.
  • Acts that do not use hygiene products.